A sweet message came through the veil, across the ethers to me.

Sammy, my husky, passed away two years ago. Before she died, she spent fifteen years wandering Montana trails and climbing mountains with me. We had a good adventurous life together, and I am grateful for every minute of it. She was a sweet, beautiful soul who welcomed everyone she met.

After she died, I thought I felt her out there on the trail with me, floating just a slight shift away, somewhere on another plane, but close enough that I could almost touch her. I’ve always wondered about the crossover from life to death, and what happens after death. My brother died when we were in our twenties, and I was desperate to find out if his soul was ok. Trying to understand death set the tone for my entire adult life.

When this beautiful husky, looking like a slightly more fluffy version of my Sammy, walked into the waiting room, sat at my feet, and looked directly into my eyes, I felt this crossing over of the veil. I thought she came to bring a message to me: Sammy is fine in that other world and says hello. That simple, non-profound message brought tears to my eyes. I felt Sammy’s presence there with her.

When I told my friend about it, she said a hummingbird had visited her, and that she believed, in her heart, that it was a message to let her know that her kitty, Tex, who had recently passed away, was ok. I believed it too. My mom loved hummingbirds. After my mother died, a hummingbird got trapped in my house above a cupboard. I climbed on my counter, put my hand up, and the hummingbird sat on my finger. It stayed there until I could walk outside where it flew away. I thought for sure it was a message from my mother: She is fine and says hello.

I take comfort in these small messages. They give me faith that something bigger than all of us exists. My father said, he didn’t know if it was true, but he liked living with the idea that there is something beyond the veil, something that others see while they are living, and most of us only see after we pass on.

I like living that way too. This husky coming directly to me, sitting on my feet, and looking straight at me, helped me feel the thinness of that veil, helped me feel Sammy’s beautiful spirit. She touched my heart in unexplainable ways and made me cry. Days later, I still feel the sweetness of her presence.

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