I am really excited about this book review by DK Marley, that The Historical Fiction Company did for Idaho Madams. Idaho Madams is nonfiction in a category called Popular History. Researching and finding information for this book was really difficult because no one wrote about the madams of the Old West unless it was in crime reports. It was a time when there were no safety nets for women and making a living wage was nearly impossible. I did my best to write this book with compassion and an eye toward the humanity of the people in it. Here is the review:


Here is a bit of the review:

“It’s not every day that one picks up a book and is transported to a time and place where the lines between right, wrong, morality, and necessity are blurred by the very essence of human survival. Milana Marsenich’s “Idaho Madams” offers such an expedition, into the lives of women whose stories were hidden in the shadows of history, only to be brilliantly brought to life by an author who deftly combines meticulous research with heartfelt storytelling.

Marsenich sets the stage from the very first line, immediately drawing the reader into a world of fur, silver, and gold, where the promises of riches attract both men and women. The allure doesn’t wane as one progresses because despite being a nonfiction book, the compelling storyline keeps you turning the pages.”

And I love this! “Marsenich’s writing craft shines through every page. The prose is both evocative and informative, maintaining a balance between emotion and fact. The lyrical quality of her writing ensures that the stories linger long after the book is closed.

The collective story arc of “Idaho Madams” is one of resilience, survival, and, in many cases, redemption. Each individual tale contributes to this overarching narrative, painting a vivid picture of a bygone era.”

And this: “In conclusion, “Idaho Madams” is a triumph of historical storytelling. Milana Marsenich has masterfully woven tales that are at once poignant, enlightening, and deeply human. For those who believe that history is not just about events but the people who shape them, this book is an essential read. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of the Wild West, intrigued by the challenges faced by women of the past, or simply in search of a beautifully written book, “Idaho Madams” promises to be a memorable journey.” 

You can get a copy of Idaho Madams here: https://www.amazon.com/Idaho-Madams-Milana-Marsenich/dp/156037750X

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