My friend, Jan Myers, and I have self-published a children’s book. Jan did the photographs and her granddaughter, Alisa Ball, did the illustrations. I wrote the story. The book is really cute. The photographs and illustrations really make it fun. You can buy them on Etsy or from one of us directly. They are not on any online book store. You can also get them in Polson at the Sandpiper Art Gallery. I will be there signing books Friday, June 30 from 10-12. I’ll also be at Art in Washoe Park in Anaconda, MT July 21-23 with them. I’ll try to keep my events up to date on my website so you can see where I’ll be with books.

From the back page: 

“Lily and her Papa race toward the loud shrills coming from the Cattail Marsh where a red berried vine ties a trumpeter swan to the shoreline. Winter is coming. To survive, he needs to fly now. Will Lily help find the courage to free the young swan? Find out in this beautifully illustrated children’s book.”      

Learn more here.

Here is the Etsy link to the book: 


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