Annie’s court has a runaway problem. Runaways arrive and then they disappear.

I am very excited to announce that Shed Girl: A Juliet French Mystery has been released into the wild! It is the first book in a series of mysteries where Juliet French encounters crime and danger disguised in strange phenomena. 

“This fast-paced, character-driven crime novel will keep you turning pages. A suspenseful and riveting read!” Susan Sage, Author of Dancing in the Ring

Shed Girl is a contemporary crime novel set in the small fictional town of Annie’s Court on Washington’s northern coast. Annie’s court has a runaway problem. Runaways arrive and then they disappear. Juliet French, an old runaway herself, does tarot readings for petty cash at the Farmers’ Market. Across the market Tony LeCrosse sells toys. Juliet notices the runaways flock to LeCrosse. Just before they go missing.

After witnessing the abduction of a young boy, Detective Benson Picard solicits Juliet’s help. Already determined to find the boy, Juliet agrees to Picard’s terms. Juliet, a strong female lead, feels the danger in the cards when Tony LeCrosse invites her to a party. He wants her to entertain his guests with tarot readings. Juliet balks at the word “entertain” but agrees anyway. When Kyle, another teen runaway, shows up at LeCrosse’s party, Juliet’s spine “turns to stardust and fairies rush in.” The two team up to find the missing kids. But Kyle has secrets of his own.

“…an intelligent, compassionate exploration of what can happen when we think we’ve lost it all, but never lose ourselves.” Troy Hollan, author of Clucked: A Quirky Nautical Tale of Adventure, Misadventure, and Justice Served

From the book:

Juliet French knew magic. The soft wind in the cedars, the haunting howl of the coyote, the smell of the weather when the clouds grayed, and waves crashed against the rocky cliffs of the Northern Washington coast all filled her with wonder. She lived in Annie’s Court for that ocean smell and the trance it threw over her. She had come from a long line of magic lovers, her mother, her grandmother, her great-grandmother, and all the mothers before. They had found their paths in life with beauty, prayer, tarot cards, and dreams. But when the blood curdling scream pierced the ocean fog, primal instinct and fear grabbed hold of Juliet. Not magic.

A bit about me, in case you don’t know:

Award winning author, Milana Marsenich lives in Northwest Montana near Flathead Lake at the base of the beautiful Mission Mountains. For the past 20 years she has worked as a mental health therapist in a variety of settings. As a natural listener and a therapist, she has witnessed amazing generosity and courage in others. She first witnessed this in her hometown of Butte, Montana, a mining town with a rich history and the setting for Copper Sky, her first novel. Copper Sky was chosen as a Spur Award finalist for Best Western Historical Novel in 2018. Her second novel, The Swan Keeper, was a Willa Award finalist in 2019. Her short story, Wild Dogs, won the Laura Award for short fiction in 2020. She has four published novels, Shed Girl, Copper Sky, The Swan Keeper, and Beautiful Ghost, and one popular history book, Idaho Madams.

Events: For those of you in Butte, Montana or nearby, I will be at Isle of Books in Butte Saturday, February 17, from 11-1. Stop by and say hello! 

Shed Girl is available at all major booksellers, including Black Rose Writing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Check it out here: Shed Girl: A Juliet French Mystery

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