I didn’t expect to love a book about Vikings as much as I do. With all the plundering, pillaging, and general mayhem, Blood on the Axe is a work of pure genius. It is one of the most brilliant and surprising novels I’ve read. From the first page to the end, the story rings with joy and danger. It is lyrical, funny, enchanting, and full of adventure. At the behest of the gods, Sigurd and his Viking crew set out in their trusty Drakkar, Sea Wolf, to loot the ancient cities of the east. Never ones to turn away from a challenge, they find fierce strength in their magical ale that never runs out. They run into kings, shysters, thieves, and stolen harems. As the book says, “bawdy times are had by all.”  Gerard Taylor has written a tale that is robust, rich, full-hearted, and delightful. Reading Blood on the Axe is like being in a parade on a river with a great poet and a chorus of angels singing in your head, and the sun rising every morning to something wonderful and incredible. Taylor has created a world full of vigor and good-hearted warriors, where the women are unabatedly sexy, and the men are fierce and full of gruff determination. For an engagingly good time, read Blood on the Axe. The characters and the dialogue, alone, are worth it. I whole-heartedly recommend this novel.

Read about Gerald Taylor and order his novel here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1837941491 or here: https://pegasuspublishers.com/books/all/blood-on-the-axe

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