The Sand Castle by K.S. Hollenbeck

K.S. Hollenbeck has written a remarkable account of a woman in a man’s prison. In 1886 Flossie “The Flame” Abbot prefers Gila Territorial to life beyond the prison walls. Once a grand beauty and celebrated performer, Flossie now dresses in rags and tries to escape the unforgiving heat.  A male prisoner, Abe Cane, wants to kill her. The mysterious Breen Dwyer, a new guard, plans to free her. Young hope has already ruined Flossie’s life and she is not about to trust Dwyer. Yet the pain and drudgery of a cruel and unjust prison system force her to reconsider. Hollenbeck’s characters are rich and engaging. Her tone and writing are stunning and absolutely pitch perfect. I highly recommend this excellent book.


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