Dayna Benning, a travel writer, is in Spain on assignment to write a feature article for a travel magazine. Along the way she helps her best friend distribute her late husband’s ashes. Caught up in the moment, Dayna tosses memorial rose petals for the deceased into the ocean. The wind catches the flower petals and throws them into the face of a handsome stranger. Dayna is apologetic and, against her better judgement, captivated. But the stranger, Alex Mendes, is wearing a wedding ring. Dayna’s husband of 28 years left her for another woman, and Dayna isn’t about to ruin someone else’s marriage. She immediately writes him off. But her heart has a mind of its own and keeps leading her toward Alex. Dayna doesn’t know that Alex has his own heartbreak. From the wonderful title to the end of the story, this novel is a great read. Hello Spain, Good-bye Heart is delightful, funny, and full of wisdom. Lolo Paige is a master of romance and humor. Take a trip through Spain with Dayna and Alex in this charming, tension-filled, heartbreaking, heartwarming story to see if, despite misunderstandings and miscommunications, Dayna and Alex will find the courage to love again. 

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Hello Spain, Goodbye Heart by Lolo Paige

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