Riley Sullivan has resigned herself to a stay-at-home life of writing assembly manuals for an oppressive boss. Her best friend, Zippy, isn’t having it. She repeatedly tries to drag Riley out to socialize and have a good time. Riley resists until Zippy comes up with an offer she can’t refuse: a week on a cruise ship with the Irish band of strippers, Irish Thunder. Aware that she might not have a much-needed job when she returns from the cruise, Riley tells (doesn’t ask) her boss that she is taking a week off. When she meets the lead singer, Killian O’Sullivan, in a stairwell, things get off to a sparky and unusual start. There is one hang up; Killian’s manager doesn’t allow him to date the passengers. But his manager is no match for fate and what destiny has in store for Riley and Killian.

I loved this book so much. It was a delightful read. I wanted a friend like Zippy, and a date like Killian. Lolo Paige’s Irish Thunder transported me to an enticing and exciting dream life. And I gladly went along. Paige writes with wit and humor and a whole lot of heart. This fast paced, enchanting novel kept me turning pages into the wee hours of the night. For good time, read this book!

Irish Thunder by Lolo Paige – Check it out here!

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