Never Touch Down is a story of courage, grief, love, and brilliance. It’s a story of crime, dangerous people, family loyalties, and unbreakable ties. Cole Hooper, a struggling stunt pilot for movies, starts an aviation restoration business to raise his young son, Bobby. When an old friend shows up with an offer he can’t refuse, Cole and Bobby’s lives are irreversibly changed. Kate McConnell is deeply in love with her husband Matt, and happily at home with him, their daughter, Anna, and Matt’s brother, Finn. Tragedy strikes and tosses the families together and at each other’s mercy. Dangerous secrets and drug smuggling follow. Together, and despite it all, Kate and Cole are determined to keep their children safe, and to give them good lives. Kathleen Morris has written an epic 70’s saga based on true events. Morris creates vivid characters in precise, moving language. She writes with a strong intuition and a true storyteller’s genius. Never Touch Down is tender, heartwarming, and heartbreaking. It’ll pull you through from the beginning to the end, always rooting for the family to find their bootstraps and pull hard to stand tall again.

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