This is a beautiful, intriguing, and heartbreaking novel. I would give it ten stars and more if it was possible. I found myself glued to the pages of this tragic and stunning story. In the harrowing moments of childbirth, Leona Pinson prays that Luther Biggs, a former family slave, will save her from the danger she senses. And he answers her prayer.

In the Deep South in 1918, she gives birth to a child with a nameless father. She protects both the child and his father, hoping the boy’s father will return from the war to claim them. A dark shroud of secrecy surrounds this family saga, and Leona soon learns that she is not the only one keeping secrets.

That Pinson Girl is beautifully written and moving at every turn. Against the backdrop of poverty, violence, betrayal, and absolute love, Gerry Wilson portrays the unyielding courage of a heart forged in adversity. I loved this book and highly recommend it.

Read about Gerry Wilson and That Pinson Girl here. 


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