Shed Girl by Milana Marsenich

Shed Girl: A Juliet French Mystery

Shed Girl is a contemporary crime novel set in the small fictional town of Annie’s Court on Washington’s northern coast.

Annie’s Court has a runaway problem. Runaways arrive and then they disappear. Juliet French, an old runaway herself, does tarot readings for petty cash at the Farmer’s Market. Across the Market, Tony LeCrosse sells toys. Juliet notices the runaways flock to LeCrosse. Just before they go missing.

After witnessing the abduction of a young boy, Detective Benson Picard solicits Juliet’s help. Already determined to find the boy, she agrees to Benson’s terms. Juliet, a strong female lead, feels the danger in the cards when Tony LeCrosse invites her to a party. He wants her to entertain his guests with tarot readings. Juliet balks at the word “entertain” but agrees anyway. When Kyle shows up at LeCrosse’s party, Juliet’s spine “turns to stardust and fairies rush in.” The two team up to find the missing kids. But Kyle has secrets of his own.


“This fast paced, character driven crime novel will keep you turning pages. A suspenseful and riveting read!”

– Susan Sage, author of Dancing in the Ring

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